Dedicated to the Memory of Cameron Alexander Brown

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Cam, You were an incredible, amazing person and good friend, we had great times on the Board and on the Fantasy MMA League,

Brucie (USA)

Cameron; Rest in Peace my friend. Our discussions about MMA, and especially music, our shared love for hip-hop in general will never be forgotten. Even though we never met we did have plans to meet up in the next couple months and I was very much looking forward to it. I knew you had a HUGE future in the music business and I tried my best to give my support in any way I could. I can't believe that you are gone now, it's way too soon man, there was WAY too much more for you to accomplish on this Earth. My deepest sympathy, regards, and prayers go out to your family and those dearest to you. I'll always have love for you man, always respect the work you did while you were here, and with tears in my eyes I can only say that I will see you again someday in the skies above.

Rest In Peace my friend,
"Lucky" Devin Tregre (Louisiana, USA)

Cam was everyones little brother at and always in great spirits and up for fun. We are better for having known him and less for him being gone.
CBear (Texas, USA)

definitely RIP to cam. i didnt know him very well, but he was one of the first people on the board to treat me with respect. Really makes you reevaluate when you hear things like this. RIP once again Cam
Best80smovieRAD (USA)

I have always thought those who leave the world have fulfilled their work in the grand scheme of things. Cameron has touched many people's lives on a personal basis online, something that many folks take an eternity to accomplish in real life with real people.
May in death you find what you cannot in life, Cam. God speed and rest in peace
NinendoWarrior (Philippines)
By Skinnyboy (Skinnyboy, Saskatoon, Canada)

RIP Cam, we'll always remember you.
Jim. (Jimboh, Bristol, United Kingdom)

Rest in Peace Cam, You Will be Missed but [u]Never[/u] Forgotten
xxTapoutxx (USA)

Cameron, you have been taken young, your family, our forum and the world have lost a wonderful individual. May God watch over you for eternity
Keith Whailin (Thelegend, Edinburgh, Scotland)

RIP Cameron Brown. It's sad to see such a talented, young, pleasant person to go so soon. You'll be missed by many and remembered as a legend on
Jonathan Razza "Anytime" (Anytime, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Cam you will be missed man I hope you are at peace
Jason M (Cape444, Ontario, Canada)

Its rare that you ever meet someone, yet mourn like you knew that person your whole life. I feel that pain with the loss of Cam. You were always up for the constant ribbing and knew it was good natured. Eventhough, Im a metal head I respected and supported your musical endeavors all the way. You had an amazing talent with words, as well as the ability to rap. The thing that really endeared me so much was how much we seemed to think alike. Be it MMA, politics, sports, or whatever the topic. I wish we could have met up, but someday we will. I wish you the best and thank you for being a part of my life. I miss you more than you could ever know.
Acid (AcidBathBelfort, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Cameron, it's always difficult when a young person's life gets unexpectedly cut short, but especially so when it's someone as genuinely nice and down to Earth as you. You came across as a fun loving and creative guy with practically every post you made on the forum. You will be missed immensely, R.I.P my brother.
Adam Oakley (Adam15, London, United Kingdom)

Cameron was a student at my dad's gym in san marcos, I met him close to a year ago, he was a super nice guy,always upbeat had a good ground game and was also good standing up. He always helped others who were not as advanced and always made people feel comfortable. I was shocked when my dad told me what happened, he was an awesome dude.He was excited about training and trying to rank up in kali silat stick fighting as well, so im kinda of still shocked by this. I want to send my regards to his friends and family! he will definatly be missed down at the Warriors Edge, everyone really liked him. R.I.P homie Im glad I actually had the pleasure of meeting you and training with you
Jeff Parra (Jeffp1371, San Marcos, Texas, USA)

Cameron, you were an inspiration to us all. Regardless of how you felt, you always came across as positive, and I loved your sense of humour. Even though you were young enough to be my son, I learned a lot from you, and I'm going to try to be more like you in the future. A little bit of you lives on in all of us, more than you'll ever know or ever knew. Sweet dreams, prince.
DonKing (Ontario, Canada)

its a terrible loss, so young and a good person. RIP cameron, we´ll talk again some day.
GregM (BushidoFighter, Texas, USA)

Even though Cam and I never met face to face, I always felt like he was a friend. His love and dedication to family, music, and MMA was 2nd to none. There is a hole in all of our lives now that he no longer among us, but I know he will be watching over us all. Even though hes no longer on earth we all have another Guardian Angel.
Rest well my friend.
Slán go fóill
Ted Monroe (BigTed, SoCal, USA)

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